Mangrulpir to Mahan Road Project

Rehabilitation and Upgradation of 2 lane road with paved shoulders of Mangrulpir to Mahan (NH 161 A from 97/074 to 64/574 ) [Design km. 75/000 to km. 107/500] (Total Length = 32.5 Km) in the state of Maharashtra on EPC Basis mode.


Khamgaon to Deulgaon Road Project

Upgradation of Khamgaon to Deulgaon Sakarsha Section (Length of 35.786 Km) of NH-548C from Existing Ch. 565+653 to Ch. 529+867 (Design Ch. 0+000 to Ch. 35+786) in the State of Maharashtra to 2 Lane with Paved Shoulder (Package-I). (Approximately 35.786 km).


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