We at ISC Projects believe that we have benefited greatly by the advancement and infrastructure development of our nation and it is now our responsibility to give back to the community and shoulder the responsibility of its advancement.


Our founder, Mr. Indrajit Singh Chhabra belives that education is the foundation on which great communities are built and is the key to India's advancement, ISC Projects is proud to further that cause by collaborating and contributing to various educational institutions.


Creating healthier tomorrows for the community


ISC Projects is proud to have partnered and supported various relief institutions in times of distress.

Environmental Sustainability

The world is at the brink of passing a state of irreversible climate change fuelled by the excessive use of fossil fuels and global warming, we need to take immediate action and transform to using more efficient, cleaner and renewable sources of energy. We at ISC Projects have taken up this initiative and transformed our Head Office into a Zero-Net Energy Building with the use of solar power, the total amount of energy used by our Head Office on an annual basis is equal to the amount of energy created by the solar panels installed on our building.

Clean Energy

The company placed a mark in the renewable energy sector by setting up a wind mill power project at Akal, Rajasthan. The power project has been established with targeted vision of producing 20 MW by the year 2023.

Tree Plantation

Recognising the current poor state of the environment we at ISC Projects believe that corporate efforts to minimise the harmful effect of our actions on the environment just isn't enough and we therefore lead various tree plantation initiatives on our sites to go one step further.

Redefining Infrastructure Since 1969

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