Board of Directors

The ISC Board of Directors is responsible for developing the company’s strategic direction. It is comprised of individuals who are each known and respected for their extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of engineering, finance, property or construction.

  • Mr. Indrajit Singh Chhabra

    Chairman & Managing Director

    Mr Indrajeet Singh Chhabra, a Civil Engineer, has significant experience of 45 years in the industry.The organization’s reputation has greatly enhanced due to his wide experience and excellent relations with all clients. Under his leadership, the Company has diversified into Infrastructure Development and Energy Sector.  
  • Mr. Kulmeet Singh Chhabra

    Director Projects

    Mr. Kulmeet Singh Chhabra, Director Projects, possesses more than 25 years of experience and a vast knowledge in Railway Track works. He has successfully executed various projects and monitored the same with high level of professionalism. His expertise and knowledge has brought the Company to a noteworthy position.
  • Mr. Jameet Singh Chhabra

    Director Business Development

    Mr. Jameet Singh Chhabra, Director Business Development, has 20 years of rich and varied experience in Business Development and Finance. His insight in acquiring new business opportunities has elevated the Company’s finances.